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Building smart lighting to make urban street lamps intelligent

Date: 2017-10-30 13:29:11    Views: 3037

Intelligent monitoring, in the best time switch lights; lighting lighting function establishment of drawing database of topographic map, distribution of facilities, through remote intelligent control system in the production and installation of street lamp fault; information signs, by scanning the two-dimensional code to confirm the location of. In recent years, Guilin City Lighting Management in the wisdom of the construction of lighting up and down, so that the jurisdiction of the street lamps intelligent.

Chen Deming is the Guilin city management office lighting lamp maintenance staff, each on duty, he and colleagues drove in the jurisdiction of inspections, so that we can understand the night, usually running downtown street. But now, there"s a more convenient way.

Chen Deming said, "a few days ago received a mobile phone" alarm information, "said Yu Shan bridge overload current situation of street lamp." His mobile phone installed smart lighting software for mobile phones, as long as the input of the system of street lights failure, there will be message tips.

After receiving this message, Chen Deming and colleagues rushed to the scene, a check found that the street wire broken skin, resulting in the intersection of two wires, resulting in short circuit.

"With this intelligent lighting system, we can receive the first street lights fault message, the first time to the scene for processing, much more convenient." Chen Deming said.

There are more than 380 lighting distribution boxes, more than 25 thousand lamp poles and more than 7 lamps lamps and lanterns which are under the jurisdiction or control of the urban lighting management department of Guilin. According to the spirit of the national and local relevant documents, innovative thinking, active as, on the basis of the advanced experience, according to the actual situation, Guilin city lighting facilities management work in recent years, and actively promote the construction of smart city of Guilin.

In 2014, the surveying and mapping units to carry out digital integrated management system for smart lighting projects, coordinate data acquisition, on the street facilities under the jurisdiction of the type, including street lighting light source, lamp, street lamp elevation attribute carries out detailed statistics. After completion of Surveying and mapping, the information will be input into the intelligent lighting digital integrated management system. After that, draw the map of Guilin lighting facilities layout, make the urban lighting system grid characteristics more clear, and through this system to achieve the lighting facilities throughout the time, all-round management. The relevant person in charge of the smart lighting digital integrated management system (a) is put into use, the lamp is not lit, when problems appear tripping can automatically alarm, and accurate positioning, convenient maintenance and maintenance personnel.

Not only that, Guilin city lighting management office according to the prior to the completion of the Guilin city lighting facilities distribution map, each of the old city lights range of Guilin city in the making and installation information signs, signage is not only independent number and road information, the staff can separate numbers directly in lighting this topographic map lights to achieve precise positioning, the public can also scan by scanning the two-dimensional mobile phone APP code function of two-dimensional code on the ID card information, the results of scanning this street where the approximate location of the display in Baidu maps, the convenience of the public and tourists to travel.

At present, 5000 signs have been attached to the more than 20 thousand lamp posts, and the new ones are under the jurisdiction." The person in charge said.

In addition, Guilin City Lighting Management Office of smart upgrade on the street station, realize the intelligent monitoring of 367 base stations, using the "three remote" system and the new light probe detection system according to weather conditions can choose the best real-time switch time, avoid premature and too late to turn off the lights turn on the lights cause energy waste, while using the system the automatic alarm function can be timely and accurate positioning of the distribution box to avoid the occurrence of fault components, long light incident, in order to achieve the purpose of saving cost, effectively improves the stability and accuracy of the monitoring system of city lighting.

"In the future work, we will continue to innovate, actively consider, explore new ways of urban lighting intelligent information management, new methods, truly urban lighting services for the people."." The person in charge said.